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NETNOW starts BED-CONNECT – IoT Healthcare

NETNOW decides to focus on a recurring and costly health problem, the bedsores/ulcers!
Bed-Connect allies hardware and software to offer an innovative IoT solution dedicated to improving the comfort and the health of the patient during his stay but also reducing stress and enhance productivity for the caregivers.

By using different connected objects like a thermal camera (used to create non-visual images to ensure the patient’s privacy) or a thin mattress topper, a digital interface using AI will understand the patient’s condition to watch over him during his stay.

The available (but non-limited) features include:
– bedsores/ulcers prevention mode (suggest movements to avoid)- bedsores/ulcers alert mode (immobility timer, request inspection)- client’s positions history in his bed (better advise by caregivers)- sleep cycle analysis (medication effects review / adjust dosage)- body temperature & heart rate history (in option using a certified medical device
Once Bed-Connect is installed, connected and the profile is personalized, the AI will start its surveillance by learning and adapting its actions. The starting personalization helps the AI by informing about previous/actual bedsores/ulcers about the patient.