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NETNOW starts GEOPALLET – IoT for Smart Logistics

GEOPALLET is an IoT solution offering innovative services and traceability features. Thanks to a pre-integrated electronics in the support and a web interface, you can manage the alerts and control your assets all over the world for 5 years, unlimited mileage!

GEO-PALLET is the first IoT solution offering a complete end-to-end service for companies wishing to connect their assets. A partner for your business that: builds, connects, and delivers your connected palettes, trains your staff to use its capabilities during deployment, and provides support for recycling connected media.

Adding connectivity to assets addresses many of the issues that logisticians, warehouse managers, storekeepers, and purchasing managers face daily. The resolution of these problems results in a saving of time, money and sometimes much more … (trust, security, etc …)

Features offered by GEO-PALLET
* The localization
 The property can be accurately located with GPS anytime, anywhere.
* The inventory
 The position, the nature, the volume of the assets (and even more the temperature, the weight, etc.) can be inventoried all over the world in a few seconds.
* Delivery planning
 Delays and changes of direction during transport are updated in real-time.
* Liability for damages
 If your property is damaged during transport or handling, identification of the responsible party is facilitated.
* Live Alerts
 Your asset will alert you in real-time if a certain event occurs during the monitoring, such as moving or stopping, changing temperature, opening or closing, etc.

 ● has robust internal integration to maximize its sustainability. (unlimited mileage during the 5-year warranty)
 ● has precise GPS positioning thanks to new IoT technologies.
 ● use a battery over several years (5-year warranty).
 ● offers global service through the NB-IoT and LTE-M networks.
 Our solution targets several objectives such as:
 ● Reliable tracking of pallets on the network (location and volume).
 ● Fluidify logistics flows in the network (identification and location).
 ● Reduce downtime in a pallet (maximizing productivity).
 ● Reduce the time required to manipulate a pallet (productivity optimization).
 ● Reduce the costs of losing a pallet (economy of scale).
 ● It eliminates risks during transportation and storage.